Introducing solarZero Schools

Our vision is for every eligible school in Aotearoa to power their learning with solar energy. That’s why alongside the Ministry of Education we’ve designed a solarZero service just for schools.

The service, built on a landmark agreement between the Ministry of Education and solarZero, removes the entire upfront capital cost of solar, enables every school in the nation to go solar and save money on energy costs. 

Our vision is to install solar across all the nation’s schools. Generating over 200 megawatts of solar power every year, meeting up to 1% of New Zealand’s power demand and reducing the nation’s carbon emissions from the electricity sector by 5%.

To learn more, pre-register your interest below and one of our team will be in touch.

Pre-register your school for solarZero Schools

Discuss pre-registering for this initiative with your principal. Pre-registering means your school will be near the front of the queue when solarZero Schools is launched. 

Why choose solarZero Schools

Zero upfront costs

The solarZero energy system (solar panels, including installation, maintenance and upgrades) is provided at no cost to your school.

Guaranteed savings

A fixed monthly fee delivers guaranteed savings on your school’s power bills from year one, reducing operating costs and providing certainty.

Reduced carbon footprint

solarZero reduces your school’s reliance on the grid, and reduces your school’s carbon footprint by choosing a sustainable, cleaner and smarter renewable energy source.

Educational opportunities

Take action to combat climate change, and provide students with opportunities to learn more about energy’s role in a sustainable future.

Tailored to your school

The solarZero in schools service is tailored for your school to maximise solar power generation and power bill savings.

Be part of the GridforGood

Our GridforGood™ is a growing network of homes, and soon schools, who are harnessing and sharing the benefits of solar to help kiwis take control of their power.

Watch the video to learn more about why we're dedicating our energy to creating a cleaner, brighter tomorrow that keeps our children safe.