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Once you have provided a power bill to us, we look at the units of power that use, as well as the lines charges to calculate the number of solar panels that your home would benefit from installing. We use this power bill to estimate the savings both in year one and over the 20 year period. The savings calculation takes into account the lower retail rates for energy that you will have access to that has no margin added, as well as the reduction of grid energy needed by the home (because of the solar energy generated and used) and the use of the battery to ensure that most grid energy is purchased as low pricing periods.


Consumer NZ warns that if you buy a solar system it could take years to pay for itself and that the payback time for a battery is far longer than its lifespan. That’s not an issue with our solarZero energy service as there are no upfront costs and no additional costs for hardware, ownership or battery maintenance. You just pay a low, fixed monthly service fee, no matter where you live. We guarantee savings from Year One and have designed solarZero to halve your power bills.


Yes. We’re working on way to make that possible. Let us know your details and we’ll contact you as soon as that service is available.

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