Amazon Echo


The solarcity installer will give you your Amazon Echo Show 5 on installation day if you have chosen broadband from the start of your journey. If you upgrade to broadband during your service journey with us then you will be sent the device via courier. Expect to receive it within 2 weeks of adding broadband onto your service.


If the socket that the Amazon Echo Show 5 is powered from is wired to the back up circuit then it will continue to work, so long as you also have internet. Their could be a delay of up to five minutes between a power cut and this powering up.


This is currently in development and we hope to release it towards the end of 2019.


It’s up to you how you use it, if you would like to give it away to friends or family you can do this.


The Echo Show 5 has a range of features that you can use to fit your life:

  • Look up recipes
  • Connect with video calling and messaging
  • Catch up on the news from the day as well as sporting highlights
  • Have fun with kids with song lyrics coming up on screen as music plays
  • Manage any other compatible smart devices that you have with Amazon Echo Show 5

12 months.

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