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You’ll only receive two invoices from us at the very start of your 20-year solarZero agreement - one for the first part month and one for the first full month. As your monthly solarZero fee is paid by direct debit, and the amount is fixed for the full term of the agreement, there will be no other solarZero invoices for you to read. However, you will receive a monthly invoice from Ecotricity for your grid power. Here’s a handy guide on how to read that invoice. 


Simply contact us at and we’ll organise that for you.


One payment is for your solarZero service. The second is for your grid power from Ecotricity. Your monthly payment for solarZero has been set up as a direct debit and will stay the same amount, except for any changes to GST, for the full term of the 20-year agreement. Your invoice from Ecotricity is variable and includes your grid power at wholesale spot prices, plus network fees and the EA Levy passed on at cost. It may also include a credit for any surplus solar power sold back to the grid.


Daily fee – The distribution network in your area charge a fee per day to be connected to your network, regardless of how much electricity you consume. Ecotricity pass this cost through directly to you, with no extras added on.

Variable charges – The distribution network in your area also charge a fee per unit of electricity you use. With Time of Use (TOU) pricing, this charge can vary depending on what time of day the electricity was used. There are usually peak times, when lots of people are using electricity and the price is high (e.g. at 7.30am, or at dinner time), and off-peak times, when not many people are using electricity and the price is low (e.g. at 2am). Ecotricity also pass these costs directly on to you, with no additions. Each unit of electricity you use, also costs an amount of money, this is associated. Ecotricity buy power for the price at the time of use and again pass this directly on to you. Whatever the real market price is for power at a particular time on a particular day, is what you will be charged for it. Again, you will generally find that when lots of people are using electricity, it is expensive, and vice versa.

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