Our grid for good

The 'Grid for Good' is a growing network of households and business harnessing and sharing the benefits of solar to help Kiwis take the power back.

It's helping protect our land.

And speeding up our journey towards becoming 100% renewable.

It's powering schools and maraes for free. And it's helping New Zealanders achieve independence from the power companies that've had it their own way for far too long.

It starts with solar panels on roofs. Something thousands of Kiwis, our foundation members, are already doing through solarcity.

But the Grid for Good now stretches beyond this. Because we've developed a way for people to share the power they generate with others - whanau, friends, the community at large. So more people than ever can benefit and in many cases, free themselves from energy poverty.

Introducing solarZero Community

The heart of this is our new solarZero community service. Those who sign up can access clean solar power generated by the Grid for Good and then provided to you 'peer-to-peer'.

And best of all, for as little as half the cost. So, if you can't install solar, it's the next best way to enjoy cheaper, cleaner, better power, and independence from power companies.

Solar's never been more accessible. So why not rise up? Together, we can be part of an energy future that won't cost the earth.

solarZero Community

Designed to give more Kiwis access to cheaper, cleaner power generated locally.

So if you don't own your own home, or if it's not suitable for solar, this could be a great option for you. 

You'll enjoy guaranteed savings from day one, and could even halve your energy costs.


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