Working with local businesses in Upper Clutha

Across New Zealand, solarZero works with over 30 local businesses to install solarZero systems on customers’ homes.

One of those local businesses is Infinite Energy NZ who are based in Cromwell and service the Upper Clutha, Central Otago, Queenstown Lakes, and Dunedin districts.

The team at Infinite Energy NZ have been installing solar systems in the Upper Clutha region for the past eight years, gaining industry recognition and awards for their outstanding projects.

Infinite Energy NZ’s General Manager, Regan Heal, now works closely with the solarZero operations team to undertake installations as part of the Upper Clutha Virtual Power Plant (VPP) project with lines company Aurora Energy.  

We asked Regan about his experience working with solarZero and what part his business plays in building a Virtual Power Plant in Upper Clutha:

Q: Your business specialises in the design and installation of Solar PV and batteries, with customers purchasing and owning the system. For customers who do not want to own, or who can’t afford to buy a solar energy system, would you recommend solarZero?

A: Absolutely. Part of the appeal of working with solarZero is that our standard market offerings really don’t compete. solarZero offers another string to our bow enabling more households to access renewable energy through self-generation, regardless of their access to capital. And we are still involved with the customers we refer - we conduct the on-site assessments and the installations for solarZero.

Q: What do you think about the Upper Clutha VPP project?

A: The opportunity to be involved in a project that is so pioneering, and has the backing of the local network provider is exciting. We see this collaboration and embracing of disruptive technologies as the future for a more interactive, more transactive grid. Historically, there may have been an “us and them” mentality with solar and the networks… however we’ve long held the view that we can be a major help in battling network congestion – and can push major network upgrade projects further down the line benefitting all stakeholders.

Q: Have you worked in other regions - how does Upper Clutha differ in its uptake of solar?

A: We have completed work in a number of different regions across the South Island from our Central Otago base. Wanaka is somewhat unique with its mix of original and new housing stock, with a high percentage of architectural new builds. This really suits our design ethos where we aim to integrate renewable energy solutions into the existing design vernacular and provide solutions that look as great as they perform.


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