What Kaitiakitanga means to me

Kaitiakitanga is a core value here at solarZero, and one of the reasons we decided to help out with Marae DIY.

We asked some of our team what Kaitiakitanga meant for them. Here’s what they had to say. 

“For me Kaitiakitanga means we are caretakers or stewards of our environment. We have inherited the planet from our ancestors, and we need to pass it onto the next generation in better shape than we have received it. 

"The generation before me didn't realise the full impact of fossil fuels and global warming. If we leave it to the next generation, it might be too late to avoid runaway climate change. That is why I take pride in being part of the only generation who has a shot at avoiding catastrophe. I am proud of doing my bit in tackling our climate emergency by being part of the solarZero movement.”

Chris, solar specialist

“For me, I am grateful to be living on such an amazing planet and doing everything under my control and ability to make our world a beautiful and an amazing place to live. The most important responsibility for me is to leave this world a better place to live for future generations."

Adi, solar advisor

“To me, it is all about protecting and being responsible, often in our busy lives we forget everyone around us, we forget about protecting others and making this planet a liveable place for everyone. To me it is about making the responsible decision, the right decision to be more giving, to re-use, recycle, to conserve and to use sustainable energy. Kaitiakitanga is all about being the protector or the guardian, to me, it is all about doing your part and giving back. I’m doing my part by helping get solar panels on roofs, each solarZero customer is a step closer to a more sustainable future.”

Ria, solar compliance specialist

"I'm proud to be a part of solarZero where we get to live the values of Kaitiakitanga by helping our customers be part of a new energy community that's better for everyone."

Derek, Sales

"I chose to represent a company that wanted to make a difference. As a mum of two it was important for me to do my part and set a good example for this new generation. Actually, I can flip this around now, as it's their questions, the beliefs and their demand for action that motivates me to create this movement and change the perception of our country.  We each have a responsibility to do something. So this is my time to act -  I love where we live and I want my grandkids to enjoy it."

Maryanne, Marketing

“Kaitiakitanga is a value of our business that aligns strongly to my own. I have two little boys that I want to be able to enjoy the outdoor experiences that I did as a child. Coming from the country, from a long line of farmers, and benefiting from the fruits of Aotearoa, we all as tangata whenua have a role to play in protecting, nourishing and developing our land to ensure that we do so in a way that is sustainable that long after us is left for others to enjoy. We are facing a significant challenge with the heating of the earth as a result of the increase in greenhouse gasses and therefore creating changes in our climate. We all must do our bit to be guardians of our land, kaitiakitanga, to ensure it survives long beyond our own individual physical being.”

Pip, business analyst

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