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Update as of 24 January 2022:

With New Zealand now at Alert Level Red we continue with our heightened health & safety practices as we proceed with installations around the country. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have followed strict Ministry of Health guidelines and continue to follow the advice as levels and situations change. This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers and team members, which is our top priority at all times.

We will continue to put our customers first, ensuring that our mission to help Kiwis run their homes with cheaper, cleaner solar energy, goes on unheeded.

Working within level restrictions

Under the Red Alert Level, we are able to continue with installations and in-home visits, under strict health and safety protocols. Our team also remains available to service any queries on the phone or via video conference.

We encourage you to take all safety precautions to ensure you do not put you or your family at risk, and follow the Ministry of Health instructions at all times. Like us, please ensure you take the time to download the COVID-19 contact tracer app and take care to keep you and your bubble safe.

"No-contact" solar

Going solar with solarZero involves much less contact and time than you might think. Our team manages everything from their desktop: surveying rooftops using online tools, analysing power bills and modelling savings projections, designing the optimum system setup to suit a home’s unique features and aspect, through to planning the installation logistics. solarcity has the technical capability to follow a robust process that requires very little person-to-person contact, with most of it managed over the phone and via email. We can get you set up for solarZero without having to visit your home, or meet you in person. 

Below are some of the non-contacts tools our team use:

Phone and video sales consultations

We are a New Zealand based call-centre so will continue to offer virtual home consultations for customers utilising phone and/or video-conferencing technology.

Free Power bill savings assessments

Simply send us your power bill and we can assess your usage and project potential savings you’ll make with solarZero. You can do that here.

Uninterrupted power supply is an essential service

During this uncertain time, having a constant supply of power for your home is more important than ever. solarZero provides solar energy directly from the panels on the roof to power the home and the smart battery stores excess solar and low-priced grid energy that is used when needed. And if there’s a power cut, it provides backup power to keep the essentials in the home running. 

Our customer care teams are here to help

Our customer care teams are working remotely and are equipped with the resources necessary to respond to your requests, queries or support requirements. Simply contact us over the phone on 0800 11 66 55, by email at customercare@solarzero.co.nz.  

Our commitment to you 

As Level changes continue, we will keep you updated as information comes to hand through our social media channels and website.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. We give you our assurance that we are committed to providing as much support and as little disruption to our customers, and future customers as possible.

To chat with us about your home's suitability for solarZero get in touch today.