Chris splits his working time between the office and at home

How the solarZero team balance working from home and the office

Christopher Burman, Concierge Team Leader, solarcity

Chris heads up the team who helps upgrade our solarZero customers to include a smart battery, access our 8c/kWh grid energy price protection feature, or add our Broadband bundle to their solarZero service.   

Chris has worked for solarcity for the past four years, and in that time he enjoyed some flexible working hours, but this meant still coming in every day of the week.

When our office reopened during the COVID-19 lockdown, Chris returned under our Level 1 scenario, where he was able to balance working from home and working from the office in a new way. solarcity introduced a rotation system for teams to help bring the best of both ‘Working from Home’ and ‘Working from Office’ to ensure employees were able to re-enter the workspace safely, and in a way that helped business continuity.

Chris now splits his working week with two days in the office and three days from home. When Chris is in the office, he uses the face to face time to interact with his colleagues and build the shared bond within the team.

When Chris works from home, he focuses his time to action work tasks, saving on time he would normally use commuting, and is able to work hours that give him more flexibility and an improved work/life balance.

Chris is happy that solarcity has been flexible and adapted to a new Level 1 working style and says he’s in no rush to go back to the old days.

My office days allow me to interact with my co-workers face to face. When I work from home I can avoid the commute, and arrange my work around my daughter's school and activities schedule.”

Derek Maher, Head of Engagement and Channel Development, solarcity

Derek’s role at solarcity is to identify and assemble new sales channels, as well as engage with the sales team to keep them informed, motivated and supported in their roles.

Working from home during lockdown wasn’t an issue for Derek, but he was glad to return to the office during Level 2 within social distancing and other restrictions. Now in Level 1, he splits his time working a couple of days in solarcity’s Auckland office, a couple of days with the sales team offsite, and the remaining time from home.  

As Derek’s role works closely with our people, he finds it best to interact in person, and enjoys the buzz of a busy workplace. Everyone at solarcity is driven by our company’s mission to provide cleaner and smarter energy for Kiwis, and being amongst the positive energy in the office space helps keep Derek motivated.

When he’s not in the office, Derek makes the most of the time working from home to tackle tasks that require a quiet space so he can complete work in a more focused capacity, without interruption. 

“I am quite flexible and am happy to work in a team environment but also quite content delivering work from home. I guess I prefer to be around people as it does light me up.”