To embrace sustainability. To battle climate change. To reset how this country is powered.

This is our nuclear-free moment

This is our nuclear-free moment

solarcity exists to return the power to the people. We believe in Kaitiakitanga and the Maori principle of guardianship. It’s a constant reminder we have a duty of care to look after our place, our people and the generations to follow.

It disturbs us the national system of energy generation and distribution is broken, prices keep rising, dirty power is the norm and 3 in 10 NZ homes live in poverty.

But we also believe that with our new solar communities, NZ can become a better place. We know clean, affordable, renewable energy is critical. And that as we build our ‘Grid for Good’, harness the abundant energy of the sun and share this power with other kiwis, NZ will become 100% renewable – probably much sooner than many people believe.

NZ’s most trusted solar energy business

Founded in 1981. 38-years-old and counting.


Reputationally respected. Multiple awards for innovation and service

More solar systems installed than any other solar provider.

carbonZero certified since 2011.

Trusted and admired by 7,700 kiwis.

In the Top 5 fastest growing green companies in NZ.

Our history

A small team led by Professor Arthur Williamson invents NZ’s first solar heat pipe.

Proudly partnering with brands committed to sustainable business

Pulse Energy
2 Degrees

Introducing the solarcity leadership team

Maryanne Smith-Chief Marketing Officer

Maryanne Smith leads our high performance teams to create amazing experiences that our customers can love and trust.

Gareth Williams-Chief Technology Officer

Gareth leads the development of our solarZero platform that provides services to homeowners, business owners and lines companies.

Eric Pyle-Director of Public Affairs and Policy

Eric is encouraging the widespread uptake of solar and batteries to help New Zealand reach 100% renewable electricity ahead of the government's 2035 target.