The time is now. This is our chance to be caretakers again.

Let’s embrace sustainability, look after this land for future generations and reset how this country is powered. Join the Grid for Good today.

Is your home solar ready?

Discover a new way to power your home that’s cleaner, cheaper, smarter.

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A revolutionary new way to get cleaner, cheaper, smarter energy that eclipses everything that’s come before.

We’ve created a way to share clean energy with friends and whanau.

The Grid for Good’s goal is to support communities. So we’ve created a way to share clean energy with friends and whanau.

Guaranteed from year one – and for years thereafter, with no surprises.

Guaranteed from Year One – and for years thereafter, with no surprises.

Subscribe, stream the sun and save with solarZero

From a world-first, custom-made smart battery, to an app that gives you total control, the technology is ground breaking. And, solarZero’s new monthly subscription service is equally revolutionary. It’s like Netflix for your roof, except you stream the sun.

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Our solarZero app allows you to monitor your home's energy efficiency anywhere, any time.

Join solarZero in January and you could win big

The long days of summer are perfect for entertaining and powering your home on sunshine.

Join solarZero and go in the draw to win an awesome Panasonic fridge, worth over $1999. Hurry, entries close 31 January!

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Both promise guaranteed savings from Year One and zero costs upfront. And, no cost for ownership, hardware (solar panels, battery) or maintenance. Just a low monthly fee.


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Shining support from solarcity customers

Thousands of solarZero members form the foundation of our new grid for good community. Here’s what they say.

Hilma Schieving and her husband Frank Davey say that living in sunny Nelson made switching to solar an option they couldn’t ignore. They looked at buying their own solar panels but were easily won over by all the benefits of our streaming-the-sun monthly subscription service.

With a young family and monthly power bills sometimes close to $400, Ravi joined solarZero® so he could halve his power bill by unlocking the abundance of solar power and energy efficiency.

Joyce and her husband Boyce switched to solarZero in early 2017 and noticed an immediate impact on their power costs. "Up until we got solarZero our power bills were skyrocketing no matter what we did, even in the summer," says Joyce.